Dreaming of the BMX track

Last summer I rode the local BMX track all the time. I’d mastered the minimum amount of pedal strokes to get over any jump, and could hit things as fast as I wanted and pop high or squash it low and fast.

Sometimes I’d turn up and ride hard all day, and others would mostly be spent hanging around in the sun, topping up the tan and having a few pump races with mates.

There’s a certain feel you get at a BMX track that you can’t get anywhere else, and I love it.

This summer, I plan on having loads more fun days up there. Picnics with friends and their better halves work out well as the girls can chin wag whilst the guys put in the laps. And the girls can have their own races too.

Of course there are always girls that can rip at the track too. And they normally don’t look like they could, or should. But can and do.

It’s funny how pride can be dented so easily!

I love getting to the BMX track for a few laps before work in the morning, and coasting down the hill with my lungs opened right up. It gives you that nice ache, and makes a morning coffee feel deserved.

It’s great up the track after work too- hammering out the stress of a hard day faster than any other known way. BMX tracks are bloody ace.

Find yours, pump up your tyres, slam your saddle and get cracking. It can be a fun days jumping or something a little different from the norm. Either way, it’s all good for fitness and technique.

Get involved!