Enduro race season has started

Marathon Series Vito Sport

It’s that time of year again when Enduro and Marathon races kick off- and we can’t recommend enough that you get involved!
This weekend our friends over at MBUK magazine were helping out with the MBUK Royal Rumble in Queen Elizabeth park, and there are a whole bunch more coming up. Some are stage races focussing on out and out stamina, some are team relay style events calling for hot laps and others are gravity orientated for those wanting to test their nerves and skill.

The easiest races to get an idea of what it’s all about are classic 6 and 12hr races, which can be ridden solo, in pairs or a team. Strangely the Solo events can actually be easier as you have no option to pace yourself- rather than the hot lap approach adopted by teams entering events like this. The longer 12hr races also tend to offer a substantial amount of the race under the cover of darkness, which adds to the fun.

Why not check the calendar and find a few weekends when you and some friends are free, see what’s on and get entered.

It’s nice to give yourself time to prepare though, so allow for a good week to get your bike ready, any kit you need, tents and camping gear and anything else that you might find useful. And get a crew together- just because some of your friends don’t ride themselves, it doesn’t mean they can’t get involved. Many of the bigger events have live music, beer tents and have a mini festival feel- which is great for getting the crowds up for race heckling.

If you’ve not raced before, we can’t urge you to try it enough- and setting out for the start line with a group of friends makes it so much more fun. So what are you waiting for?

A good place to start is the British Cycling website, although bear in mind that it won’t cover all the smaller races- so it’s worth asking your local bike shop if they know of any cool races going on…


Check out the MTB Marathon Series powered by Vito Sport: http://www.mtb-marathon.co.uk/