Let Nature Become Second-nature in Northumberland National Park

Over the Borderline Let Nature Become Second-nature in Northumberland National Park, Right on England’s Edge This is where the Romans gave up. Hadrian’s Wall once marked the boundary between England and Scotland, between the Roman Empire and the wild terrain of the Picts to the north. Now the spectacular remnants of this 80-mile fortification signify [...]

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Race Report – World Cup Round 1 Pietermaritzburg

World Cup Round 1 Finals at Pietermaritzburg today were hot, dry, fast and dramatic! First up were the juniors where Taylor Vernon earned a very respectable 7th place, netting him his first World Cup top ten and making him fastest British Junior on the day. This result should serve as a well-earned boost to Taylor’s [...]

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Surfing in France: Anything could happen

When the blue Vito Sport-X pulled up outside my house, it was a clear indication that ‘Europe’ was about to begin. Six weeks on a mission through eleven countries; surf, waves, bikes, mountains, engines, drama, beers, film, music, athletes…this was going to have it all. The Vito Sport made a bold statement; it is a [...]

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‘Europe’ is a six week road trip through Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. The transport vehicle is a brand new Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport-X and the objective is to create a series of extreme sport lifestyle videos. The road trip has a full-time team of three people and [...]

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VIDEO: Atherton Racing Malaga Training Camp

We sent Liam Murphy to Malaga to document Atherton Racing’s training camp. After a long road trip from the UK in their Vito Sport-X, the team tested the new 2014 GT bikes – and themselves – to make sure they would be ready for the upcoming season. What exactly is involved in a training camp? [...]

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Race Report: Shimano British Downhill Series 2014, Round 1 Antur Stiniog

Rachel takes the win, Marc and Taylor podium. The team experienced mixed fortunes yesterday in the season’s opener at Antur Stiniog. Rachel, Taylor and Marc all podiumed but Gee came away with a disappointing 8th place. Heavy rains in the week preceding the event had left the slate track slick enough to catch out a [...]

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