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A Day With Blake Samson

Toys in the garage, Van in the driveway, now what? Well to have the perfect adventure it usually involves a road and a destination. The destination in mind of this trip was the Isle of Wight. Professional Mountain Biker Blake Samson had agreed to show us around the island he’s lived on for years and [...]

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Dan Hemingway Vito Sport May

Dan Hemingway May

So May has arrived and I’ve got a fancy new Air Cast boot on, just the same as Wayne Rooney (some over paid football lout!) and the same as Gee Atherton (some Mountain bike dude who’s not over paid!) With this I can remove it to wash and try and regain some movement in the [...]

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Dan Hemingway Vito Sport

Dan Hemingway- April

Wow now the dark realisation that I’m actually NOT allowed to do any physical exercise is really hitting home! What do you do when you’re injured and can’t put any weight on the body part that’s broken/dislocated? That’s right you sit on your arse looking into the computer or iPhone buying stuff. In my case [...]

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James Dabill Vito Sport

Dabill Closes In On Top 5

Factory Beta rider James Dabill recorded his second Top-5 finish of the 2012 FIM World Trials Championship at the fourth round of the series in Spain this weekend. Held in the hills near the small mining town of Penarroya Pueblonuevo in South West Spain, it was fellow Monster Energy rider Toni Bou who took the [...]

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Dan Hemingway Blog Vito Sport

Dan Hemingway- March

March As we enter March the weather had turned into blistering heat (well 15-16deg) and this meant that training on bikes wasn’t so much of a mud fest. I had received an e-mail from Red Bull in New Zealand inviting me to go and ride the City Scramble in Auckland (would I like to go? [...]

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On The Road with James Dabill- Scottish Six Day Trial

We go on the road with James Dabill in another instalment of  our videos with the trials rider. This time it was up to Scotland for the legendary Scottish Six Day Trials event. Watch for some great trials action and stunning scenery in the highlands…

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