Race Report: Shimano British Downhill Series 2014, Round 1 Antur Stiniog

Rachel takes the win, Marc and Taylor podium. The team experienced mixed fortunes yesterday in the season’s opener at Antur Stiniog. Rachel, Taylor and Marc all podiumed but Gee came away with a disappointing 8th place. Heavy rains in the week preceding the event had left the slate track slick enough to catch out a [...]

Interview with the Athertons

At the end of the Vito Sport Atherton Experience Day at Revolution Bike Park, we scooped up Dan, Rachel, and Gee and sat them down for a short interview. They told us about the current season and the future, upcoming projects with Red Bull, and filming The Adventure Series: Athertons vs Snowdon.

The UK Adventure!

I like to live my life with a continual sense of improvement. Always trying to better myself, to progress and learn more whilst having fun and exploring what there is out there. In the moments I have spare between coaching and training, I find myself pondering new adventures; exploring the world on my bike is [...]

Mountain bike riding: Crankin’ to the beat

One of my favourite sensations about mountain bike riding is feeling the terrain. And I don’t just mean that in a literal sense- I mean feeling the ground rush past my tyres; hearing the my tyres cracking the sticks on the ground and trudging through vegetation. I can hear how fast I’m going, how much [...]

Second spot for Dan Atherton in Swiss Maxi Avalanche

In only his second Enduro event of the year Dan Atherton claimed second spot at the Maxi Avalanche in Flims, Switzerland. With snow on the ground already in Flims the track had to be shortend slightly to allow the race to continue, this left a twelve minute course for the fast boys with three distinct [...]

Biker Riders United: Feedback from Oktoberfest 2011

How did you prepare for Oktoberfest? Martyn: I train most days so just carried on with the normal schedule. As it was a team event there wasn’t a huge need for stamina work. Steve: I didn’t prepare, I just went about my normal training which consists of a fair bit of XC riding anyway. Sam: [...]