Washing your mountain bike

It’s the thing that many mountain bike riders avoid, but it’s one of the most essential things to preserve your pride and joy. When out mud plugging, layers of crusted on mud can cover up cracks and damage on your frame surface rust and other nasties ready to plague your ride. Get in the habit [...]

The slim fast plan – Drop the weight and max the pace

One of the best ways to make your bike ride better is to drop off a little weight- which sounds expensive, but it is something you can do fairly cheaply, and as you chop and change things in time. The first area to look at is the wheels- they’re the things that you spend most [...]

Riding on the limit – Within 3% of the edge, things come to life

I was chatting to a friend the other day about a section in the local woods I was practicing, and how the bike I was on that day felt really good- the tyres gripped, the suspension felt right and everything just felt right. So I kept going back up again and sessioning the same section- [...]

Rough Riderz -Downhill Bikes Club

Guest blog post from Phil at Rough Riderz. “I first got into downhill mountain biking whilst living in Tenerife, about 6 months before a motorbike crash left me paraplegic and permanently on wheels. I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie though, so one year after my accident I travelled to Colorado to [...]

Seek and destroy – Winter hammertime…

I’m not lucky enough to live somewhere where I can ride off road for long enough in one stretch, that I can really take advantage of proper winter tyres- much of my riding is dispersed with connecting drags of road. And the one thing I don’t want is soft-compound, low-pressure mud tyres to help me [...]

Bike events

To cater with the vast amount of mountain biking disciplines, there are many different bike events for the participants. Events can be national, regional or simply local events, with national events typically arranged in a point series format. Disciplines include: Trials; Downhill; Cross Country; Enduro- an extended form of cross country racing, often in stages, [...]