Mountain Bike Obsolete formats

Lately I’ve been thinking about the styles of mountain bikes that used to be around when I started riding, compared to what we have now. It’s pretty funny thinking about the stuff we used to ride around on. Even basic rigid mountain bike weighed a lot back then- and it’s hardly surprising with the amount [...]

Getting a mountain bike fresh out the box

“There is nothing like getting a new mountain bike out of the box” I’m a sucker for box fresh things- the smell, appearance and sensation of opening something new is exciting. From the inside of a car with that new car smell to tearing open the plastic wrap on a new t-shirt and wearing it. [...]

Out mountain biking and my phone is ringing- oh my god!

Like most of my friends, I’m one of the many people out there that can’t live without their iPhone. I just can’t put it down, and it goes with me everywhere I go. No excuses. However, I do have a rule about going mountain biking- and it’s that I turn my phone off, or at [...]

Don’t knock a microwave meal

Although I’m a traditionalist in that I’d rather be riding pure off road, and making my own way, the impact that trail centres is having on mountain biking is no doubt a good thing.  Though many of my fellow riders write off riders that tackle trail centres as they deem them lacking in skill, and [...]

The best mountain bike ride, ever.

My mountain bike felt especially planted today- my arms and legs fresh and my mind awake and alert. Maybe it was the lunchtime swim in the lake that did it, or maybe it’s the pure mountain air that invigorates the mind. Whatever. At this speed braking bumps normally jarred my arms silly, but today I [...]

Breathing life to a knackered mountain bikes

One of my mountain bikes virtually never gets attention- it’s my jump bike. The one I don’t use that often, and when I do it’s for a few laps round the BMX track or for an urban session. So it never really gets dirty, or needs much maintenance. But I can’t remember just how long [...]