A Great Day For a Crash

When walking away makes you smile… With not a cloud in sight, it was an unusually warm and sunny day up north, but the wind was howling through the valleys. A warning perhaps or maybe just a challenge… Tail winds are bliss, head winds are hell- and crosswinds are a mountain biker’s worst enemy. But [...]

Animal Relentless Bike Tour

With the MC hyping the crowd up in to a frenzy, thumping beats pounding from the sound system and Martyn Ashton’s hand-picked fellow riders leaving the crowd slack jawed, the Animal/Relentless Bike Tour is a show you don’t want to miss. Conceived by Martyn Ashton, who was at the forefront of mountain bike demonstrations from [...]

Martyn Ashton – The Pioneer of Mountain Bike Trials

Once a 20in wheeled sport, it was in the early ‘90’s that Martyn Ashton and buddy Martin Hawyes decided to take Trials to bigger 26in wheels. Although blissfully modest of the huge craze they started, Martyn Ashton revolutionised the Trials movement, and is still seen today as a leading force in big, bold and technical [...]

Men’s Mountain Bike

The typical Mountain Bike – Too much variety? The term ‘men’s mountain bike’ is a little vague, especially when used by large chain stores or places not specialising in mountain bikes. By definition any 26in wheeled mountain bike that isn’t a woman’s specific model could be known as a men’s mountain bike- but let’s take [...]

Trials bikes

Hip hopping don’t stop…Trials bikes Originally developed for young riders to practice the art of Trials before moving up to motorbikes, 20in wheeled Trial bikes are only seen by Trials purists these days. 26in wheeled Trials bikes are mountain bikes specifically designed for Trials riding, and are a lot more common at events these days- [...]

Kona Bristol Bike Fest 2010 part 2

Sunday morning greeted the riders with a similar picture of blue skies and warm almost summer like temperatures. The trails were still in great conditions even with thousands of laps being ridden the previous day. Some of the turns turned almost a little slippy from the dust on the ground. Sunday features the 6hour team, [...]