Mountain Bike: The best days of summer

It dawned on me the other day that the endless days of mountain bike riding will soon be halted by rain, cold and darkness. It won’t stop us riding bikes, but lots of kit and preparation are needed to ride the way we normally do. But it’s still summer, I hear you say. Why are [...]

Climb like a goat

Has anyone seen the video on YouTube, on which a goat stands on a cup, balanced on a tight rope, with a monkey on it’s back doing a handstand? More than likely, you will have seen it on group circulating e-mail- as it’s one of those things that people talk about. A lot of people [...]

Mountain Bike Trail Fairies

Some of the mountain bike trails I ride are also used by walkers, and some are trails that exist partially as game trails. And they’re always bedded in enough to spot; but after rainy bouts they get overgrown rapidly- and passing the trails without getting stung, scratched and slashed by the foliage is pretty unlikely. [...]

Mountain bike: dust, roost and dirty smiles

It’s not that often that you get to mountain bike in dusty conditions in the UK, but just the other day I was riding in the warmest, driest and sunniest conditions I could remember. It was so warm that even the slightest hill had sweat trickling down our faces, and our water supply was diminished [...]

Mountain Bike Obsolete formats

Lately I’ve been thinking about the styles of mountain bikes that used to be around when I started riding, compared to what we have now. It’s pretty funny thinking about the stuff we used to ride around on. Even basic rigid mountain bike weighed a lot back then- and it’s hardly surprising with the amount [...]

Getting a mountain bike fresh out the box

“There is nothing like getting a new mountain bike out of the box” I’m a sucker for box fresh things- the smell, appearance and sensation of opening something new is exciting. From the inside of a car with that new car smell to tearing open the plastic wrap on a new t-shirt and wearing it. [...]