First look: new Vito Sport film from Alan Stokes

New Vito Sport surfing film Starring Alan Stokes (aka Stokesy) Celine Gehret Ben Skindog Skinner and Jimbo Bennet A collective bunch of wave riding connoisseurs head out on a mission to score some fun Cornish summer waves. Starring progressive aerialist and reining British Champion Alan Stokes, stylish free surfer and 4 x Swiss National Champion [...]

Guide To: Fort William

Fort William World Cup: Famously known for it’s mountain biking and for hosting the World Cup, it’s one of the events of the Summer. This year the World Cup is being held on the 8th-9th June. You can purchase tickets here. Season: In Winter you can get some Skiing and Snowboard action in up the top of Nevis [...]

Bring on the Spring!

Through blistering winds, freezing temperatures, rain, snow, sleet, and fog we fight for grip on the slickest of surfaces – mud, ice, and green rocks testing the traction between our tyres and earth. We’ve ridden through it all this winter, enduring the coldest and wettest conditions throughout, and still we keep coming back for more. [...]

Cycle Dirt: Behind the Scenes

Take a look at behind the scenes footage of the filming pilot of the Cycle Dirt. A new show dedicated to MTB, BMX and Cyclocross in the UK.  

Making your life harder – for fun

Every now and then I reach a wall in my riding- normally when the weather is repeatedly bad. So most of this year then… And what happens in those times, is I start making myself all sorts of challenges- they’re never to make me a better rider, it’s more the ‘I wonder if I can…’ [...]