Experimenting with Tyre Pressure

This country suffers from a somewhat moist climate, and the lack of traction out on the trails is a conversation I have with a surprising amount of riders, constantly. I have friends that moan about their tyres not being grippy enough, and not being predictable enough, and wheel spinning at every opportunity, and… You get [...]

Best of the Great British Summer Time- Yorkshire Day 3

Back over the border to Halifax today, and Orange Mountain Bikes; the counterpart, perhaps, to Hope. Orange might not do as much of its manufacturing in the UK, but it still has a fair bit of metalwork (welding and the like), going on in Halifax. All of the R&D, frame spraying, assembly and finishing is [...]

Best of the Great British Summer Time- Yorkshire Day 2

Oh my days; what a ride. And I was right: my legs are nicely tired. But it was worth it. The video will be up here soon but it was classic Yorkshire fare: steep rocky climbs, wide open Dales and even rockier descents. The terrain can switch from marshy long grass to an arid moonscape [...]

Don’t dawdle- smash it!

I can’t stand climbing up hills- I really can’t. But the longer the climb lasts for me, the worse it feels- I don’t have the morale to keep on chugging. My method is to get the hill done as fast as I can- using a combination of out the saddle mashing and in the saddle [...]

Best of the Great British “Summer” Time- Day 4

I was a bit worried about today’s ride, but for different reasons than our opening session at Antur Stiniog. We’re meeting Dave Buchanan, who set the Guinness World Record last year for the longest distance covered off road in 48 hours. He’s got form when it comes to endurance events – borne out by years [...]

Best of the Great British “Summer” Time- Day 3

Having sung the praises of trail centres yesterday, I got a much needed reminder today that singletrack doesn’t always come perfectly sculpted, with clear run outs after jumps, smooth berms to hug around corners or a year-round weatherproof surface. Brechfa Forest West is just down the road from the mostly man-made trails of Brechfa Forest [...]